This is the first of the series of videos, I'm planning to make for the coming Sinhala and Tamil New Year. Even though I wrote about making Kokis last year, didn't have a video about it yet. You can read the written recipe from here: Kokis (Deep Fried Batter of Flour & Coconut Milk) - Sri Lankan Sweet



  1. hi chamari,
    thank u very much for posting this kokis recipe,I didn't know that making kokis is this much easy,unfortunately now I don't hv kokis mould with me,I'll try this after my next vacation.

    keep it up & god bless u.

  2. dear chamari,
    thanks a lot for posting the recipe of kokis.im alone here with my hub and thr is no one to ask how to make kokis.ill try to make kokis now it self.the thing is im going to make kokis out of rice flr as u said same way.wish u a happy new year!!!!

  3. Thank you very much for your Vedio.I will make Kokis tonight for coming Newyear.

  4. You used wheat flour, is just all purpose white flour (pan piti)? Most people tell me to use rice flour is that wrong?

  5. hai can you give the INGREDIENTS please

  6. I am non-SriLankan, but I have to say that this site is great. Please continue with your great service. And your voice is really smooth. Thank you a lot.

  7. hi chamari,
    thank you for the recipe.my favorite before i came to canada. where can i get a koki mould in toronto?
    thank you

  8. Chamari, I find your site wonderful and your cooking skills remarkable. I've had a lot of success with your other recipes but this one did not work for me.

    As I'm vegan, and the egg was optional, I embarked on this recipe and left it out. But for whatever reason, the batter either stuck to the mould until it burned (I had to soak the mould in water each time and then scrub with a brush to get it off) or immediately upon contact with the oil, separated from the mould and scattered into a million pieces all over the oil. It could be that,
    1. my mould is new and it needs to be seasoned somehow?
    2 oil was too hot (I tried lowering the heat),
    3. oil was not hot enough (maybe there's a magic temperature!),
    4. something else needs to be done or added when you leave out the egg..

    Please do an eggless kokis when you have a chance. As far as I can tell, kokis is a very old food in Sri Lanka, from a time when we did not eat eggs and even cracking eggs was considered a sinful kammic act. The wide-spread addition of eggs into every food, and the use of it as a binder is something we started after European invasions. For example, the original appa (which is also a very old food) preparations did not include eggs. Instead ra or mee-ra (toddy varieties) were used. It is only the modern twists on appa (which have now become so prevalent it's a job in itself to track down an ancient recipe) that commonly use eggs as a binder. Even pancakes were cooked without eggs using ra or mee-ra. So it stands to reason that we originally made kokis without eggs. I've consulted many cookbooks, a couple of them dating back to the mid 20th century, but couldn't find a recipe without eggs. Chamari, you seem to know how to make them without eggs (from your comment in the video that the egg is optional), please elaborate on how, or why mine may have not worked out. You will gain much kusala kamma for lifetimes to come, by showing the world how to make kokis the compassionate way.

  9. p.s. maybe using rice flour would make a difference?? I suspect we originally made kokis with rice flour as wheat flour arrived in Sri Lanka only much later along with the European colonists.

    1. Btw, kokis is not at all original to Sri Lanka. We got it from the Dutch. In Scandinavian countries it is known as the rosette. Kokis is derived from the word koekjes, meaning cookies or biscuits in the Dutch language.

  10. My mother and i have been trying to find a receipe for a spicey (chili?) Kokis that my mum ate as a child and we wondered if anyone here had ever heard of it.

  11. nessa,
    What if you added some chili powder to the batter? That should work.

  12. Hi Chamari,
    First of all my compliments for your website. Great recipes! I am not a Sri Lankan but I absolutely love Sri Lankan food! I would like to try your Kokis recipe as well but I am unable to find a shop that sells Kokis moulds. I am from The Netherlands but also elsewhere in Europe I was unable to find one. I wrote to an American on-line store that carries them but, unfortunately, they do not ship outside the U.S. Would you, or any of your readers, have any idea where I can buy a Kokis mould?
    Many thanks, and please keep up the good work,

  13. Great Video, thanks. Can you please upload a video for aluwa?


  14. ubala sinhalada netthan englishda sinhala jathiya kanna ewith innaewn. rata jathiya kanna epa. wena jathiwala ekala apita sinhalen kiyala denawada.

  15. Unfortunately new year isn't soon, so I will try to prepare them now))

  16. This is for anonymous who was loking for an eggless kokis recipe.. I too was looking for same for an alms giving for.monks who r srrict vegetarians.. this is whatbi learnt.. u can use banana puree instead of the egg.. indians use this for achappam same looking as kokis.. I'm trying this method tomorrow if the usual rice flour mixture doesnt work like urs.. this is three years too late hut I saw this only now..
    as for miris kokis I tjink they add potato powder/mash powder.. for the batter with all purpose n some spices like cumin n chillie..

  17. I remember i used to buy a big bag of kokis on the way when i was traveling from Dambula to Kandy :D


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