Kokis (Deep Fried Batter of Flour & Coconut Milk) - Sri Lankan Sweet

1 cup wheat flour
2 cups coconut milk
1 egg
¼ teaspoon turmeric
Oil to fry
Salt to taste

Sift the flour and transfer it into a large bowl.
Add turmeric & salt to the flour and mix it well.
Then add the egg and coconut milk into the flour mixture and mix it well till you get a thick batter without lumps. Cover the bowl and keep it aside.
Heat the oil in a large frying pan in medium heat.
When the oil starts bubbling, place the Kokis mould in the oil for nearly 1 minute.
Then carefully dip the mould in the flour batter. Make sure the all the sides of the mould are fully covered with the batter, except on the top.
Then again put the covered mould into the heating oil, and hold it for nearly ½ - 1 minute.
Then slip the kokis out of the mould by shaking it a bit or if the kokis is sticks to the mould take a wooden toothpick and push the kokis out from the mould from all the sides.
And let it fry till its get nice yellow.
Drain it on a paper or kitchen tissues.
After the oil is drain, keep the kokis in an airtight container.

This is a Sri Lankan sweet specially making for Sinhala & Tamil New Year. And also for the traditional occasions.

1. To make kokis, you need a Kokis Mould. (When I saw a kokis mould in a supermarket here, I got surprised and also happy :-).
2. If you are using rice flour, make sure you soak the rice overnight before you grind it into rice flour.
3. Also After you make the batter, cover it & keep it a side for nearly 1 hour before frying kokis. ( If you are using Rice Flour, then Only follow this step.)
4. Don’t over heat the oil, if you do you won’t able to slip the kokis out from the mould.
5. When you slip the kokis into the oil from the mould, you can continue the process again with another kokis. In the same time you can fry 4 – 6 kokis if your frying pan is a large one.



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  5. when you are doing this on video, please use your mother toungue. I am pretty sure, you are really trying hard to find words. It is not a shame to speak in your own language and if anyone likes to follow your receipies they can refer to the text!

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  7. Can I use rice flour instead of wheat flour??? Thanks for the recipe by the way I'm definitely gonna try it... :)

  8. You can use rice flour too :-)

  9. kokis mould in any Canadian asians' stores?

  10. It was my first attempt and this recipe turned out great ...Thanks for sharing it..

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