Indiappa (String Hoppers)

I thought Indiappa is eaten only in Sri Lanka, but it’s not like that. In India, Singapore, Malaysia & most of Asian countries eat string hoppers but with different names.
In South India “PITTU MAYAM” is “INDIAPPA” in Sri Lanka. It’s really nice to hear this kind of news :-).
We mainly eat string hoppers, for our breakfast or dinner and it´s a very famous dish in every part of the country, no matter you are rich or poor all Sri Lankans love to eat Indiappa.
In the first time it will be little bit difficult, but try it again you will do it well.
Try it by your self…
All the very best with the recipe!

3 cups rice flour -roasted
2 – 3 cups warm water
Salt to taste

Heat the water in the saucepan of the steamer and bring it to boil.
In a large bowl, mix the flour, salt and water together.
Mix it well and form a nice ball which is not sticks on your hands.
cover it and keep it aside.
Fill the indiappa maker with the dough, and squeeze it on the top of indiappa watti (Small round trays, which are very special for string hoppers) Make a lace circle with the dough.
Steam it for nearly 5 – 10 minutes.
If string hoppers are well cooked, you can just remove it from the tray very easily.
Repeat the process till the dough is finish.

String hoppers is mainly goes with, Kiri Hodi (White coconut gravy), Pol Sambola (Coconut Mix with chili), Maalu Ambulthiyal or Chicken Curry.
But you also can have it with Seeni Sambola, Lunu miris, any white gravy or any curry you like most.


1. Remember to Roast the rice flour before you make the dough.
2.If you are using Wheat flour instead of rice flour, you have to Steam the wheat flour nearly 1½ hours.
3. Always remember to cover the dough.
4. Every time when you are using indiappa watti, before you use it just apply little bit oil on the watti, so then the dough won’t stick.
5. After you finish making string hoppers, remember to cover the cooked string hoppers till you use it. If not it will dry and you won´t able to enjoy the food you make.


  1. "I thought Indiappa is eating only in Sri Lanka"

    Indiappa is eating whom?

  2. Hi, Thanks Bhatiya :)

    It should be "eaten" and corrected.

    Btw, Did you try the recipe ?

  3. Dear Chamari would you be able to do a video making konde kavum, I have tried but not very happy with the results. Enjoy your site and am very happy, now if I could find someone to teach how to cut and sew a saree blouse I could die a happy woman/ Maureen

  4. Dear Maureen,
    About Konda Kavum, I can manage it, but I have to improve my skills more before I share it with you I need some more time for that recipe:-). But surely I´ll upload it.

  5. Chamari,

    These look fantastic, I will have to try them!

    btw, Yellow rice turned out great with Sri Lankan Okara. Long live the fabulous land of Lanka with its legendary cuisine and people!

  6. i was looking for this nd thank u so much... pls upload pitu too.

  7. Hi Chamari, I am from UK i got my String hopper mold and the trays. What you meant by roasting the floor? Please let me know.

    Thak you - Chathura

  8. Hi Chatura,
    Heat a pan and add ground rice flour into the pan. Stir it about 20 minutes, till it becomes dry.(like dust)
    Before you use the flour, remember to sift it through a sieve.

  9. Thank you so much for the reply Chamari. This is clear to me now. Apologies for the spelling mistake for flour.

    Have you ever done a chicken curry on YouTube? If so let me know - Thank you!

  10. Thank you, Chamari! I'm looking forward to trying your wonderful looking indiappa recipe as soon as I can find a press. Wishing you all the best. :-)

  11. Thank you all of you for your comments.

    Yes, I have done a chicken curry video.
    Here´s the link: Sri Lankan Style Chicken Curry
    Sorry for the late reply.

  12. Hi chamari, I am from uk. I really appreciate u ar work pls keep it
    Up, chamari pls up date how to cook the idhi appa in normal flour, and same
    Time like to how to make appa with magi polkiri pls up date the vedio many thank you

  13. Thank you and very useful tip, its very useful, i manage to get the Rice flour that only needs the cold water for the mixture, i must admit it was very difficult at first using the old wooden string maker now i got the steel one much easier, but the muruk maker seems easy must get one on my next trip to SL,

  14. hey in new zealand i cant find the Iniappa maker,and the Indiappa trays. what should i do?

  15. Nice work, keep it up!

  16. Hi Chamari, thank you for sharing your cooking skills with us. I am from Canada. I usually use roasted rice flour for string hoppers. But I like to try steamed wheat flour for a change.Therefore pl let me know the amounts (flour & water) and whether to use hot/cold or warm water for mixing.
    Thanks in advance.

  17. Hi, sorry for the delay, Thank you for the comment.

    @ Zamir: You have to buy it from Sri Lanka I guess :-).

    @ M.D.: The answer for your question is, Use warm water for mixing the steamed flour also.(Nearly I can say the amount, for 1 cup flour 1/2 cup warm water will be enough.) But it´s easy if you do it like this, Just add little water at a time and mix it well until you form a nice ball which is not sticks on your hands.

  18. hi chamarie i watched you string hopper recipe in youtube...its really good. very descriptive. I was wandering if you have a good recipe for lumprais. I plan to have a few friends over at my place...and thought it would be nice to make lamparias and give them a good surprise. If you can find out and post in on ur website that would be really great! thanks and good luck with everything!


  19. Hi should this be indiappa or Idiappam

    1. You can call it what ever you like. People call it according to their language terms! Some people call it Indiappa and some call it indiappam. So what it is a food to eat nothing else.

  20. I want to buy a wood idiappam press with changeable plates. Anyone know where I can get it online?

  21. Dear chamari,

    After seeing your video abt making Indaiaap my wife is so hurry to test the receipi today itself. Hence, my daughter and myself looking forward and ready to under go acid test.

    lets see

    Sanas Doha

  22. Dear chamari,

    I know that sinhalees can make very good "polos curry" and "fish curry" can you please upload the demo of this.

    Sanas Doha

  23. Thank you Chamari, I am trying this today I love string Hoppers , I always buy the dry one here in the UK but fresh is much better

  24. Hi Chamari,
    Came across your blog searching for variations on string hoppers. Very interested in your indi Appa steaming-plates. I see that you did it in the electric rice cooker. Would be wonderful if you would post a picture.
    I have linked your recipe to my post on Nool Puttu = Kerala String hoppers.
    Thanks! :-)

  25. Chamari,
    I brought back a string hopper press from Sri Lanka, but not indiappa wattis. I made string hoppers using your very helpful video, and they turned out wonderfully, but I am going to try to find wattis for even better results. You are greatly helpful, and I appreciate your advice.
    Patricia, US

  26. hi chamari. tks 4 da tip.

  27. Hi Chamari,
    Watched your video. Was very helpful. I have tried to make it before with no success. I bought Stringhopper flour from a Sri Lankan shop but did not roast or steam it. I got the mixture perfect as you did. I steamed them for 5 mins only. But they came out rather dry. Where have I gone wrong ? Can you advuse Thanks
    Mel Francke

  28. Thank you everyone for the comments!

    @Mel: Actually I haven´t try the ready-made flour,(If it´s says string hopper flour then you have to add water & salt and mix it, steaming or roasting have already done :-)
    Next time mix it with little bit warm water. may be it will help you. all the best!
    (always cover the dough & also the string hoppers too)

  29. Its very good. Idid it for dinner. My son s birthday party. thank you so much chamari.

  30. Hi Chamari,
    Thx for sharing this. i also have the murukku maker and i tried making this but the holes in that are bigger (even i chose the smallest hole in the murukku maker) so the strings coming out as noodles..pls help on this.hw come u got the same murukku maker with smaller holes? thx


  31. I guess u r doing a gr8 job. I guess ppl should appreciate it and stop correcting it. Man I just don't believe Sri Lankans do that to Sri Lankans No wonder the Indian community is doing better around the world. Stop bitching ppl and start complimenting our own!!

  32. Hi Chamari

    you are doing a great job.
    Here is a nice product I have seen when I was searching for a machine to make indiyappam.
    if anybody interested please visit.

  33. Dear Chamari,
    Good day.
    I have a small point to let you know.

    In india it is called "Idiyappam".Not "puttu mayam".In Malaysia they call "Puttu Mayam",In Indonesia they call " Puttu Mayang".
    Sorry for the correction.But I really wanted to share my knowledge.

  34. would the string hoppers taste the same as the ready thin rice noodles you can get at the supermarket these days?

  35. Hi Chamari,
    I am from the state of Kerala in India. We call this dish "Idiyappam" and it is a popular breakfast dish in Kerala. Kerala and Srilanka have very old connections and maybe some ancestors brought the know-how of this dish to Kerala and made it popular!

  36. hi chamari,
    i cannot get my string well.Its very hard to push from the tool and aftre steaming it tends to dry up even after keeping it closed and breaks.

    1.Can you tell me how to make srings using the mixture of steamed wheat flour and roasted rice flour?
    2.After mixing these flour together do i need to add boil water or luke warm or cold.

    Help me please

  37. Thank you for this clear description! We visited Sri Lanka for three weeks and we love string hoppers. Now I can make them myself, yay!

  38. Hi Chamari, I want to try out making String Hoppers with wheat flour ('paan piti' as we call it in SL) - ok, steam the flour, swift. The add boiling water or hot water?? Is this tricky? How much water exactly? I just want to make soft strings. Any secret with the quantity of water and it's temperature?

  39. You can buy the flour ready to use ie no roasting required.

  40. I would like to have the Hoppers recipe too! None of the other sites mention whether roasted rice flour is to be used when making Hoppers.


  41. i made really nice appam , 2 cups rice flour basmati rice any brand soke it and grind it with the one hand full of cooked rice , greated coconut 4/3 cup desicated or fresh.keep yeast 1 teaspoon and sugar 4 teaspoon keep with luke warm water for 10 minute .
    when u grind it finishing time add this and grind it one miniute . after 4 or 5 hours appam it ready . 15 minute befor makeing the appam put pinch of bakeing powder

  42. In rice to make string hopper I use boiling water but it was very hard to push in mould have to use boiling water hot water or cold water pls reply

  43. How to heat the packed string hoppers available at stores?

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