Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sri Lankan Style Chicken Curry

1kg chicken
4 teaspoons minced garlic
2 teaspoons minced ginger
salt & pepper
2 teaspoons Sri Lankan raw curry powder
1 teaspoon chilli powder
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
8 curry leaves
2 onions (sliced)
1 x 2.5cm cinnamon stick
4 cardamom pods (split)
1/4 teaspoon crushed clove
240ml coconut milk

Cut the chicken into pieces, wash it & drain the water well. Now in a large bowl mix all the spices with chicken pieces (Chicken, salt, pepper, Sri Lankan curry powder, chilli powder, curry leaves, cinnamon stick, cardamom pods, cloves) make sure that chicken pieces coated well with spices. Now cover and leave it for at least 15-20mins. .
Once chicken is marinated, heat the oil in a large saucepan, add the ginger & garlic and fry for 1minute, then add onions and cook for 4-5 minutes until lightly browned and soft.
Add the chicken pieces and try to fry both sides (it will brings you a good taste, but some times water is coming from chicken). After you fry both sides add 250ml warm water, mix very well, then cover and cook on a low heat for 30- 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.
When water level is going down add the coconut milk, and stir the curry and bring to the boil then reduce the heat and cook for a further 15 minutes, taste for salt.

With rice, bread or also you can have it with Tortilla too.

1. Make sure to put less spices in the beginning and taste the curry before you add the coconut milk, and if you want some more spicier you can add more.
2. Try to defrost the chicken well before you cook. If you deforest it well, you can fry the both sides nicely and water won’t come from the chicken.



thanks chamari..
im currently in NZ trying to learn to cook the srilankan way.. will try ur recipe.. thanks

appreciate your work. would like to see some improvement in the way you present.

Great effort. I like that you keep everything simple and it's very obvious that you are doing your best to show how to prepare recipes without keeping anything secret! are a god sent i would say Chamari..for some one like me...who s absolutely ve no idea of cooking..thnx Chamari

Hi! I have watched this video and I think your directions are very useful and easy to follow whether you have or you don't have experience in cooking. I'll try soon this recipe... I just hope it will look as great as yours :).
Thank you very much!

Thank you Chamari.You fed a hungry man..:)))

Thank u very much for u're grade recipes.u're effort is very much precious becase there are very few Sri Lankan style cooking videos on the web.Please upload some mutton recipes also.

god bless u!

Dont you have to add dark curry powder as well, when cooking meat? Cos i do and I think it gives a nice colour to it and taste. and i also sometimes put marinading sauces.. on special occations :)

This is great Chamari and I am a very big fan of yours.I have even added your videos in my website.My visitors certainly will visit your website.Great work.Fantastic work

S.Ratnayake (Sydney)

Thanks a lot Chamari. I made it for the first time and it came really well. Hope to see more recopies from you soon.

Aloka from Melbourne, Australia.

Hi Chamar, Can i use Garam masala instead of srilankan curry powder???

Looks soo yummy....I tried to cook this so many times but I couldn't I am going to try this and I will let you know...I am sure this will come good! :)

tell how to make kunisso .small isso.

I have been holding on to this recipe to give it a try. I am having friends over for a Sri Lankan dinner this weekend and can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing!!!

thnx chamari... now i can eat what i cook

Tried your recipe and got it first time! Thanks.

The ingrediants you gave for making the curry powder is wrong. And we never add olive here in srilanka, its always coconut oil or vegetable.The chicken curry your showing is not at all an authentic srilankan curry.

Thanx or the recipe.. I am in Canada and now we can eat in our style..

I love your combination of spices in this chicken curry recipe. I used coconut cream instead of the milk for a richer curry and served it with basmati rice.

aney, idiot of a woman, you recepe tells us to cook for more than 1-1/2 hours. who pays our enegery bills? you? and who applies oil in our swollen legs after standing near the stove for that long? will you buy me the oil bottle? who applies? im sure not you? my wife? yeah right.
Next time teach something practicle, like cooking the chicken alive!!

Hello , Thankyou for your recipie . I tried it and had to use indian curry powder as that's all I had . It turned out very tasty and it was easy to make.
It really makes a difference frying the chicken well before adding water.

"Anonymous said...

Hi Chamar, Can i use Garam masala instead of srilankan curry powder???

May 2, 2010 4:25 PM "

Using garam masala or any other Indian curry powder will considerably alter the taste and will definitely make it an Indian-tasting curry rather than a Sri Lankan-tasting curry. Sri Lankan food have a distinct taste quite different to that of Indian food. It's easy to make small batches of curry powders using a small coffee grinder dedicated to spice grinding. I use a $10-$15 one I bought from Walmart that's been going strong for years.

I made a veganized and compassionate version of this last night. Since no real meat was involved, mine was done in under 15 minutes including prep time. I made the gravy and added a bag of Nate's Meatless Meatballs in the last 5 minutes of cooking. I skipped the water and used a 400ml can of coconut milk as the only wet ingredient. I cooked baasmathi rice and a mixed veg kalu pol (just like vattakka kalu pol but using mixed veggies; the American pumpkins are completely different to Lankan vattakka so I didn't use them) to go with it. Yum.. Yum..

Just watched your video. You are expert at cooking. Definitely I will try the chicken curry :). Thanks alot Chamari.


To Pumpkin Joe - What a rude comment you made - you don't have to make the curry - your wife doesn't have to make the curry. You are the one who has a choice.

@Pumpkin Joe:
Actually in the old days in Lanka it was common to cook curries on low heat in a clay pots (mati hutti or mati mutti) overnight or 8-10 hours, for special occasions like alms givings or weddings for that special slow-simmered flavor. I often cook chickpeas, potatoes, mushrooms, black-eyed peas or any other food that won't completely disintegrate this way for 1 - 1 1/2 hours and the taste is decidedly better than that achieved from fast-cooking.

Try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Well, I'm certainly not encouraging you to try cooking 'chicken,' (thereby adding unwholesome kamma and energy to myself), just the method of cooking :)

I would never encourage anyone to cook, or myself cook chicken or any other sentient being that lived and breathed, who was most likely "produced" under deplorable conditions in a factory farm, and then was murdered causing that gentle creature immense fear (fear of death being the worst of all fears any being can experience), pain and suffering.

woooooooow thats sooo yummy thanks buddy

Thanks Chamari.. I have tried your fried potatoes as well.. it was awesum!!! :))) Thanks a lottt againn

please If you can upload the way you make vegetables such as beetroot, carrot and beans..

Thanx currently in Australia trying to learn really are helping...thanks you

Thanks I am now in NZ have to make meals ma self now I am trying your recipe. thanks a lot hope it will be like my moms curry :-)

chamari my currymaster
do we use boned chicken or boneless

hi dont speck broken english

ah, please Chamari, get advice from someone who expert in real Sri Lankan cusine before you present your recipes as SL style. Sorry to say you have faild to provide the true SL Chicken Curry. It's only a your version. may be right for the babies in SL cooking. Shame on .......

to all you numpties out there, how can this NOT be sri lankan cooking. It is made by a sri-lankan using sri lankan ingredients and style. i am sri lankan and it is good to see that i too, make it the same way. I add malt vinegar to the marinade making it taste different (tamarind or soy sauce make a different flavour too). Good on you chamari and keep it up. finally, some srilankan recipes on line that aren;t actually indian.

@Anonymous who said, "hi dont speck broken english"

Why not?? You are obviously still suffering from the inferiority complex left over from the Colonial times? What's so funny is that you write horrendous English while admonishing someone else on their English. Seriously, we get what you meant to say, and we get what Chamari is saying. That's all that matters. English is just a foreign language we use for communication. Time to put down the heavy burden of shame and ridicule we've been carrying around for more than 60 years after Independence. By putting down and ridiculing others for something that you yourself do not have, you are really ridiculing yourself.

Hi Chamari, we have been doing a website called .Its basically for promoting SL foods. I would like to invite you to start a blog in our site. Please leave you contact email so that we can get in though with you. thanks

im in usa, my mom always cook for us but she is out of country right now so im trying to make srilankan food. i saw ur website which helping me lot. thx for ur help. its nice that u share with us.

thanks ravi ,i try to cook tht kind of curry ,i think ,it so yummy ,..

I will be trying this recipe and hope its as delicious as yours looked!

hi Chamari , Thanks a lot for all your recipes . I have tried out many and they are so yummy ..... Thanks a lot!! i LIKE TO REQUEST YOU TO DO A VIDEO ON NORMAL SRILANKAN STYLE FISH CURRY ......

THIS RECIPE is AWESOME!!!!! Easy and delicious!!!

THANK you for Posting it!

hi there ive made ur chicken curry but cant find no more recipes on here, would love 2 no how 2 make kottu thanks diane

hi to every one here,thanks for this recipe im from philippines and i love to try all international foods...i love cooking anyway...thank you guys now i have idea for this recipe......

excellent work...well done.

great job..

dilusha from.....


It's amazing how many rude, inconsiderate, unappreciative, low-class people are out there who have the nerve to criticize someone who is doing a good deed by teaching how to cook Sri Lankan food online. Obvious these rude comments are a reflection of their own low self-esteem -- they have to say bad things about others to make themselves feel good. I feel sorry for them.

Anyway Chamari - your dishes not only come out amazing, but you are also reaching an audience across the world! That's incredible. Many blessing to you! There are many of us who truly appreciate your work and the time you put into making/uploading these videos for us. Keep it up!!


Thanks Chamari for giving us this great recipe. I just made it and came out well. Would love to try more dishes from you. Don't listen to those idiots who criticize you. They are just a bunch of know alls. Keep up the good work.

This recipe really brought me back to my time on the beach in Unawatuna. Thank you!

Is this Sinhalese or Tamal cooking. I found out they are different. Sinhalese food uses coconut oil apparently. Tamal uses sesame oil and is less spicy. Tamal tends to be vegitarian. Correct me if I am wrong.

Hi Chamari! Beautiful recipe, I'm a young food writer and cook from Perth, WA and I've started writing articles and sharing recipes of my own and my friends on my facebook page I'm going to feature your recipe as I've tried it and love it! All the best!

Hi Chamari, cooked this recipe today n had a great result..its so yummyyyy.... thank u so much..

Nona naa.. So i made from your recipe ! Great! super tasty! delicious! thanx alot!

I am so happy to find this page. Thank you very much!!

I have just cooked your recipe. Delicious. And everything was very clear and easy. Thanks

Thnx.....I enjoyed the recipe

Thanks, I am not Sri Lankan but my fiancee is, I'm new and learning, my cooking turn out to be fine. More power

Tonight I'm going to try making kiribat because of sri lankan new year. with your recipe I'm sure will be successful.

Awesome dish. Albiet, I had to use fresh curry, but still worked out great. I will try the potato dish tomorrow. Now I need to dry out my curry leaves.

Hi Chamari, you seem to cook really good. Don't be shy to show your face too. I have a request if you can: right way to make gothamba roti. I keep making it but cannot get it right. I think in Malaysia they call it Roti Canai. Thank you.

An honest and gracious way of illustrating genuine Sri Lankan home cooking.
Tried it loved it and is now on my favourite list.
Well done.

Thanks!!! I have just cooked your recipe. Delicious. And everything was very clear and easy.

Hi Dear,
I'm from germany, come-across i found this web site.Now i can cook,Great work...I miss my srilankan curries.trying to cook according this :)

wow.. what a fascinating move by a sri lankan girl.. thanks...

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