Saw Dodol / Walithalapa OR Saw Aluwa (Mixture of Steamed Pittu & Sugar Syrup) – Sri Lankan Sweet

4 Steamed Pittu Bamboos
2 – 3 cups sugar
5 cardamom pods (split)
Salt to taste

Break the Pittu bamboos in to small parts and keep it aside.
Ready a board greased with oil all over the surface. Keep it aside.
Also ready a piece of oil paper greased with little oil too.
Heat a large pan in medium heat. Add the boiled water, cardamom and sugar into the pan and stir the mixture till sugar dissolves and the mixture should be bit thick. (If you pour it from little height, it should be falls like a thin thread.)
Take the pan from the heat.
Now add the pittu, into the sugar syrup and mix it well.
In the end all the pittu parts should be attached together and form a ball.
Transfer the mixture to the board which ready made and flatten down it with the help of oil paper.
Mark the lines on the mixture as square shape and let it cool.
When its cool, cut the pieces and separate it
Cover it and keep it or you can place the pieces in an airtight container.

This is a Sri Lankan sweet specially making for, to have as an evening snack and the Sinhala & Tamil New Year. And also for the traditional occasions too.

When you are working with sugar syrup be carful because it’s try to get hard the mixture very soon. If you feels the mixture is too hard put some boiled water and mix it well.



  1. Hi Chamari
    Sou Dodol and Welithalapa are not the same. They are two very different traditional sweets. Also neither of them are made with coconut pittu!!
    Maybe you have always made them like this but it is not the correct way. Sorry to say this ofcourse.

  2. Im another anonnymous ..but i tried this and came out real nice..thanks.. loved it

  3. The first person says Walithalapa and Saw dodol are 2 different kinds. so why dont you tell us the difference? And for your information, Saw dodol is made out of pol pittu. That's the traditional way. May be where you come from does it differently..

    1. hi there,
      sou dodol and welithalapa are two different traditional sri lankan sweets.
      my grandma used to make both these sweets and i always loved welithalapa.coz its much much better than sau dodol.
      and i never saw my gradma used coconut pittu to make welithalapa.we used coconut milk to make the pittu and you have to make really small balls,like little beads using rice flour,salt and coconut milk.
      for sau dodol, cocnut milk and plain flour.and you don't have to make realy small balls for that pittu.
      im really sorry to say,i agree with the person who said that "sau dodol and welithalapa are two different sweets".

  4. I am hoping to make Saw dodol/Walithalap for the first time. Let you know if it comes out well. Bboth are the same. THe name differs according to up country and low country. That's what i have heard and tasted in both the placeses, it is the same

  5. Looks like there is a difference. Found the Welithalapa recipe check web site

  6. i would like to make this recipe. pl. tell me how much water you need. and ilove saw dodol

  7. Walitalapa is made without coconut milk, where as saudodol have coconut milk. It is a sweet food from Moratuwa.

  8. I saw once walithalapa made by string hoppers in Balapitiya.


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