Pittu (Steamed Mixture of Rice Flour and Scrapped Coconut)

2 cups uncooked rice
3 - 4 cups scrapped coconut
½ boiled coconut milk
Salt to taste

Wash the uncooked rice and soak it for overnight.
Then drain the water and grind it.
Sift the rice flour through a sieve and put it to a bowl.
Now take a large bowl & put the coconut, salt and sprinkle little water into the coconut and mix it well.
Same time boil the water in the pot of the Pittu maker or steamer.
Then add flour into the coconut bowl and mix all the ingredients with your finger tips. You need to make flour and coconut granules. (Size of pearls.)
Now take the pipe of the Pittu maker, and fill the pipe with flour and coconut granules and steam it for nearly 5minutes.
Now carefully push the pittu bamboo from the back side of the pipe and take it out.
Spread little coconut milk on the pittu bamboo.

You can have pittu with Chicken Curry or fish curry, boiled coconut milk and Lunu Miris.
Or with your favorite side dish.

1. If you are using Wheat flour instead of rice flour, you have to roast the wheat flour till it’s look like dust or colour will change to light brown.
2. You can use desiccated coconut instead of scrapped coconut.
3. If you don’t have a Pittu maker, use thick small glasses or metal cups to steam the pittu mixture.
4. When you are sprinkling water, be careful not to add much, be cause if the mixture get wet and pittu will sticky after steaming.
5. When you are making granules, sprinkle bit of water at a time, into the coconut & flour mixture. It’s easy to make granules.



  1. Nice recipe.. Thanks a lot for sharing.. You are doing a great job.. Keep it up..

  2. Hi Shyamali,

    Thanks a lot for the encouragement.

    Hope to add more recipes in the future & also hope you all will try these and let me know results..... :-)

  3. Hi Chamari,
    Thanks for sharing.
    Can you please tell me one cup = how many gramms? ref. rice flour or wheat flour.

  4. Hi Nandana,
    1 cup = grams is depend on the measuring item, but for rice flour or wheat flour, "One cup = 125g"

  5. hi chamari, please let me know how to make mani pittu. waiting for your reply. thank you for sharing all these lovely recipes.

  6. thank you darling.....
    nice reciepie..
    i love it da...


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