Egg Rolls (Sri Lanka Style)

This is a very popular & also very tasty short-eat in Sri Lanka. One of my favorite snack when I was in Sri Lanka, That´s why I really wanted to make it by myself & I did it. And also I got so many requests for this recipe. So I thought to share it with you all because I sure know there will be plenty of people just like me who love egg rolls & missed it a lot. So try it by yourself & taste it. Hope you will like this, just like my family & friends loved it. Good luck with the recipe.

For The Pan Cakes:
2 cups flour
1 egg - (Optional)
1 cup coconut milk – (optional)
Pinch of salt
2 cups cold water

For The Filling:
6 hard boiled eggs – cut into half
Seeni sambola

For Deep Frying:
3 cups of bread crumbs
1- 2 eggs – beaten
Oil to fry


Making The Pancake Batter:
In a medium bowl, mix the flour & salt together. Then add the egg and 1 cup coconut milk & 1 cup water. Mix it well, if the batter is very thick add little bit water at a time, mix it well and check whether batter is in right consistency for pancakes. (It should be smooth, thin batter, but not like water. )

Making Eggs Rolls:
Heat a small frying pan and little bit of oil with a clean cloth on the pan. When it´s ready pour a large spoon full pancake batter on the pan and cover it. After 5 minutes take the cooked pancake out from the frying pan.
Keep it on a board, fill it with a full tablespoon of Seeni Sambola & on top of seeni sambola place half of an egg. (Place the Seeni Sambola on the middle of the pancake.) It´s very important to fold the roll during the pancake is hot.
Fold the two opposite sides into the middle, and from the bottom of the pan cake fold it nicely & tightly. Finely you’ll get a nice square shaped roll.

Deep Frying:
Heat the oil in a large frying pan in medium heat.
When the oil is ready, one by one dip the rolls in beaten eggs (egg wash the rolls) and, coated it with bread crumbs well. And deep fry the rolls till you get nice golden brown.
Drain it on a paper or kitchen tissues.

Egg rolls are ideal for tea parties, evening snack & also as a breakfast (With buttered bread).
When you are serving Egg rolls, try to serve it warm, with some ketchup or your favorite sauce.

1. If you don´t use coconut milk, just add 1 - 1 1/2cups water into the pancake batter.
2. I use cold water, because the batter will be very smooth & no lumps at all :-).
3. If you don’t like Seeni Sambola, you can use any filling you like with eggs. (Once I tried with potato filling, but my family didn´t like it very much.)
4. If you don’t like to egg wash the rolls, use the same batter which you used to make pancakes. But batter should be little bit thin. (Add ¼ cup water extra). But crust of the roll will be little bit hard than normal rolls.



  1. So good to have you back Chamari! Welcome back! I've been checking every day to see if you were back. Since discovering your blog, I've tried a few recipes and you are a most talented cook. Thanks for sharing. My only failure was making kokis without the egg (I left a detailed comment on the kokis page). I would love to hear what you think about making kokis with either rice flour or wheat flour the original Sinhala Buddhist way (without eggs).

  2. Hi chamari,

    thanks for uploading this, it's very happy to c u back, even me also checked u're web site everyday abt new post, hope u're exams r over now & u were success with those,

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  3. Hi Chamari ,Could u pls give us the recipe for coconut toffee (pol toffee)
    Thank u.

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    thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello All,

    Thank you very much for the encouragement. Your comments means a lot to me. I will try my best to give you more recipes with my busy sheduld :-).

    @J: I will do the video of eggless kokis soon, (before April New Year comes :-), I promise hope you can wait until then.

    @Upeksha: Sorry to keep you for a long time without a video. Studies are going well, trying to manage everything.thanks for asking. Will upload a new video soon.

    Enjoy my other recipes too.... :)

  7. Hi Chamari,

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  8. Hi Chamari,

    I look very much forward to the vegan kokis video (do consider titling it vegan kokis rather than eggless kokis, you will get more hits, more google ranking and come up in more google searches by using the world vegan rather than eggless). Thanks so much! Yippee!! I will be taking the first good batch to give alms to the monks and residents at my local monastery & temple here in the U.S. I will let you know, then you can anumodan ping :)

    If you can, please make it with rice flour, I would love to learn how it was originally made before the arrival of wheat flour in Lanka. Also everything made using rice flour stays crispier longer? Or, so I've heard.

    I am quite confused about the different methods of processing rice flour, e.g. steaming, roasting etc, and which method needs to be done for which food and why. I think a general primer on that subject would be a great topic for a video post or regular post eventually.

    Hope your school is going great!

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  10. its nice that you have a page like this! It helped me with my subject in school that required us to cook any dish from other countries, and I was assigned of Sri Lankan cuisine. Thanks for being informative!

  11. Hello Chamari
    I am new to Sri Lankan Cooking. My husband is from Colombo and I am from Tennessee.. I just recently attempted to make these Rolls, and I had make a few alterations in your recipe I used egg roll wraps for the pancakes. I love the Sri Lankan Cuisine, when we were in New York City we eat at a Sri Lanka Restaurant and I ordered a dish called Deviled it was very hot I love hot food but this was the greatest I loved it. Do you know how to make Deviled Chicken. My husband and I have several of your videos...Thanks Kerin

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    Just wondering how to make konda kevum. Do you know how to make them pls? If you could please let me know a recipe or video how to do kevum.


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    I just found your blog as and would love to know if you could feature a recipe for Vegetable Pan Rolls. I adore them and haven't been able to buy them for sometime. I have always wanted to try making them. Thanks Mel

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  17. Hi all,
    Thank you everyone for your nice comments. I´m glad you all like the recipe.
    I stop making videos for a while, but decided to come back again :-).
    all of your comments gave me the courage to come back again. see you all soon with a recipe.

  18. Hi chamari akke
    We admire your service. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.We enjoy foods made by using your recipes.I suggest you to post recipes also without videos then you can post many recipes.

  19. hi Chamari.... love ur site soooo much... ur doing such a great service to the sri lankans who live abroad and dont know anything abt cooking....ur site is sooo informative when compared to other sites and very clear because u hv recipies both as video and in to see ur face as we only hear ur voice......please add more sri lankan recipies when possible....we greatly appriciate ur service......

  20. Chamari, so glad to hear you plan on coming back! Looking forward to it. You've been missed.

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  22. These are great receipes to make. Please can you make mutton biriyani and chicken biriyani.
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  23. Dear chamari, Wish you a very happy New Year and looking froward to see you with more, new Srilankan dishes.

  24. I found your demonstrations and recipes very useful. I do some Sri Lankan cooking in my retirement and I have read many recipe books and watched cookery demonstrations to improve my skills in making authentic Sri Lankan meals. What I liked about your presentations was the simple matter of fact style, avoiding the usual glamour and showmanship that is used by most professional cooks. Keep up the good work: these are an advertisement for Sri Lanka.
    Happy New Year!

  25. Chamarie , love your demonstrations....
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    spicy fish curry .....with thalapath or mora fish .. i cook everyday but I think your recipe will definitely be delicious....
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  26. Hi Chamari.. I saw your blog today & went through almost all the recipies.. I am gonna try mun kewum today.. All the recipies you have posted are very very usefull & thanks alot for the good work.. But why haven't you updated your blog since 2011 Jan?? Pls don't give up on us.. Looking forward to see more recipies.. Pls keep up the good work..

  27. Hi, I've added your site to my links section of my own blog, and mentioned you in my latest post. Really glad I came across this site as since my parents both died sadly, I've not been able to replicate the same delicious flavours and textures of the curries and haven't eaten any Kiri Buth in years. This site should change all that! Thanks.

    I'm a Sri Lankan in the UK. :)

  28. Hi! Sis,Chamari, you are doing great job. appriciate it. i just watched it yesterday. it's a great pleasure to know about your web. it's so... useful. thank you so much for sharing. keep it up!!! all the very best .. May the Triple gem bless you too
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  30. Wow. Never thought of adding coconut milk to the recipe. This should be an excellent idea and guess it should taste better as well. Thank you for sharing your innovative ideas.

  31. thank you very much chamari akke...I allways tried your recipes and it was really husband and his friend they like to have when I cook..i am in Dubai rightnow. so I am tring ur all recipes.thank you very very much akke.

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  33. We were not able to taste this. Our Sri Lankan Foodie trip was limited to these ->

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