Wambatu Moju

250g eggplant – cut into small strips
½ red onion – cut into cubes
10 green chilies – cut it from the middle (optional)
2 – 3 cloves of garlic
2.5cm x 1 piece of ginger
20 – 25 dried sprats
8 – 10 curry leaves
1 tablespoon coriander power
1 ½ mustard seeds
2 – 3 teaspoons Sugar
Oil to fry
Salt to taste

Heat the oil in a large frying pan in medium heat.
When oil is ready, deep fry the eggplant strips till it gets little bit dark brown in color on both sides.
Drain it on a paper or kitchen tissues to remove excess oil.
Now add onions & green chilies and fry it for nearly 5 – 10 minutes & Drain it on a paper or kitchen tissues to remove excess oil.
Finally fry the dried sprats till you get a nice golden color and Drain it on a paper or kitchen tissues to remove excess oil.
Now with the help of a blender or a mortar and pestle (Wangediya) minced the ginger and garlic. When you get a fine paste now add mustard into the ginger garlic paste and minced it till the mustard seeds vanished . You will get a fine paste of ginger, garlic & mustard.
Now place the paste in a small bowl, and add coriander power, sugar, salt and vinegar and stir the mixture till sugar is dissolve.

You can have this eggplant salad with any kind of rice, noodles or even with any kind of bread.


1. We are placing the eggplant strips in turmeric & salt mix water bowl, so it won´t change the color of the eggplant strips.
2. While you are frying eggplant strips, remember to stir it so you can get an even color with every strip.
3. If you can´t find coriander power, just roast (Kabale badaganna) some coriander seeds and grind it till you get fine power.
4. Amount of sugar is depending on the amount of vinegar.



  1. Thank u for uploading such a wonderful receipe... and can u plz upload making mutton curry

  2. and pickle of dates and shallots please;)thank you!

  3. you r great. keep it up your good work. i love your dishes. i wish i can marry u.

  4. Can you pls tell the amount of vinegar to be used for 250 grams of eggplant??

  5. Very sorry for my late replies,

    @ Kavi: Mutton curry recipe is here,
    http://www.srilankacooking.com/2010/08/lamb-mutton-curry.html Thank you very much for the encouragement.

    @ Anonymous: You have requested for Malay Pickle, thanks for that. I´ll do it very soon.

    @ Kumar: Thank you very much for the encouragement.

    @ Anonymous: 5 tablespoons vinegar will be enough for 250g of eggplant.

  6. Thanks for uploading this rcp. Is there anything else to replace vinegar?

  7. @Anonymous: You are welcome. I havn´t tried, but I heard Lemon juice is a very good substitute for vinegar. You can try :-). Hope it will come nicely :-)
    For 1 tablespoon of vinegar use 1 tablespoon of lime juice

  8. cut dates into small pieces and add to the brinjal moju

  9. @ Anonymous:
    Thank for telling, Will try it too.

  10. hi, i got married recently and tying my best to cook....your dishes help me alot..thank you very much, but what do we call the brinjol dish which cook fried bringol with coconut milk, vineger,sugar and curry powder (black curry powder)?

  11. very simple , even without much preparation can try all the best keep up

  12. i tried ur recipe...but unfortunately the ginger garlic flavor was too strong and raw...may be i added too much :(

    i'll keep trying until i get it right...coz i love srilankan dishes...and this is one of my favorite

    thanks Chamari

  13. Chamari please post more recipes....u r doing a great job !

  14. That's awesome that you publish a video recipe! Now I know how to do it

  15. Going to try this recipe today...will let you know



  16. Your Recipe was awesom. Worked very well.

    Thanks again Charmari. I wish you all the best...!

    Do you know how to make icing a cake using fondant icing. If so please upload. I have tried few and non of them worked well



  17. video recipes onlineOctober 18, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    I'm not familiar with many sri lankan dishes but i do love eggplants and chilies. This dish is definitely good. Tasted a lot better than i really expected. Great video too.

  18. I heard the sri lankan dishes are delicious, i guess i wont know if i wont try. will put this recipes to work later.

  19. thank you for this fabulous recipe

  20. thanks for the video is very helpful but to be honestly I hope if u r kitchen is more cleaner. pls i'm nt trying to be rude.

  21. This is AMAZING! Thanks for the recipe - takes me right back to my holidays in Sri Lanka!

  22. Thank you thank you thank you! We ate this while in Sri Lanka last winter and have been dying for it ever since! My husband and brother were very pleased! Having the video and hearing your voice made the recipe much clearer. Oh, and PS...your kitchen looks wonderful... It makes me want to come sit with a cup of coffee and learn from you first hand while we chat!

  23. Thank you everyone For the comments. I will come back soon. BTW, Greears, you are the first one who put a comment saying my kitchen is clean. I know My old cooker is looks bit ugly, but I couldn't do anything because that time we lived in an apartment & this is how we got it. It was totally damaged it´s not old food or anything. But after some years I got a new one, may be you all can see it on other videos :-). I don´t worry about my cooker, I only think about my dishes & also the hygiene. But your comment gave me some courage again, Thanks a lot.

  24. fist clean your cooker

  25. http://www.offexploring.com/plantico/blog/sri-lanka/kandy/2013-04-22%2020:34:40

    I think someone has stolen your recipe and posted on another site

  26. Yum! I can't live without moju. My favoritie. Nice work.

  27. Hi!
    Greetings from Sweden! Just want to say THANK YOU for great recipes! I have been using them several times when cooking sri lankan food for friends and they are by far the best ones I have found!! And I love the extra notes in the end of the recipes!!

  28. The recipe you have given was lovely. But you take a little too long to explain it. Another thing when you are cooking cook on a decent cooker. Your cooker needs a bladdy good cleaning. Because it's on YouTube !!!!

  29. Hi Chamari, Thanks for the recipe. Do visit my blog too.

  30. Hello Chamari,

    I am an Australian and this past week, I was introduced to the delights of Batu Moju at the home of a Sri Lankan friend. I had trouble keeping away from this dish but had a problem trying to obtain a recipe. I found your recipe on line and constructed this dish and WOW! Now I am hooked and now I cannot do without it. Thank you for a great recipe. Keep up the excellent work. ps. Love your new stove :))


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