Pani Walalu / Undu Wal or Undu Walalu

Pani Walalu / Undu wal ia a Deep Fried Coils of Urad dal & Rice Flour Mixture Soaked in Sugar Syrup. This is one of our family’s favorite sweet. In my childhood, when I eat this I never thought one day I make pani walalu in my own. But I did it. Pani walalu is a very sweet food, specially you can see in Sinhala & Tamil New Year Season.
The shape of my some Unduwal is not perfect, But there wasn´t a problem with the taste …. Of cause it´s not the same taste when you use suger syrup instead of treacle :-( Anyway I got positive comments from the people who ate what I made, so I´m really happy.
Also I like to Thank Kanchana Nangi´s Mother who thought me about making the brown sugar syrup. Even though I don´t have treacle, I can get the same color as it.
So, I hope you all will love this recipe as much as you love Pani Walalu just like my family :-)
Good Luck with the recipe!

2 cups Urad Dal (Undu) – Which is washed and black skin removed
1 cup rice flour
1 cups coconut milk
1 teaspoon salt
3 – 4 cups sugar
1 cup water
Oil to fry

Making The Sugar Syrup:
In a medium size saucepan place the sugar and water and keep it on medium heat. Stir the mixture until sugar is dissolve. Let it be there for nearly 10 minutes or till you get a bit thicker sugar syrup and then keep the sugar syrup on very low heat. (Syrup should be warm, when you place fried undu walalu in the syrup)

Making The Batter:
Soak the washed urad dal for overnight.
Drain the water and grind it until you get a smooth paste. (I’m grinding the urad dal with 2 – 3 tablespoons of water.)
Now in a medium size bowl, place the undu paste, rice flour and salt and mix it. First add 1cup of coconut milk to it and mix well. Then add coconut milk little by little and make the batter that is not is not too thick and also not too thin & also no lumps.
Heat the oil in a large frying pan in medium heat.
When the oil is ready, fill an icing bag or a piece of a cloth which have a small hole which has a diameter of 6-8mm, with the batter. And now slowly squeeze out the batter randomly in coiled circle in to the heated oil.
You can deep fry 3 – 4 coils at a time.
When you get a nice golden brown on both sides, drain the oil and place the fried coils in the warm sugar syrup.
After 5 – 6 minutes take out the coils (pani walalu) from the sugar syrup, and put the next set.

Finally place all pani walalu in a saucepan or container and pour the sugar syrup into that, and keep it for a day & serve.

This is a Sri Lankan sweet specially making for Sinhala & Tamil New Year and also for the other occasions.

1. if you use treacle, first heat the treacle and make it bit thicker before use it. Then use it warmly just like the sugar syrup.
2. If you want to get brown sugar syrup, place the sugar and ½ cup water in a saucepan and heat it till you get the caramelize sugar. When you get it just pour 2 – 3 cups boiling water and stir it again till you get thick syrup. Be careful when you add boiling water, because the steam can harm your hand.
3. You can also make it brown by adding 2-3 tablespoons of juggry (Hakuru) to the sryrup.
4. When you are squeeze out the batter from the icing bag just free your hand and do it. I sometimes on the first try you won’t get the shape, but don’t give up.
5. If you like you can eat just after you made without it for a day with sugar syrup, but then you won’t be able to get the really taste of pani walalu.
6. Some time you need to make more sugar syrup.
7. I normally store pani walalu in 2 – 3 bottles with sugar syrup and turn the bottle upside down in every two hours



  1. Hi chamari....This is one of my all time favourite sweet...thanks for posting this vedeo. i'm going to make it today but I got only Undu flour. if i use Undu Flour instead of the undu dhal, is it ok to use the same quantity ( 2 cups)????

  2. Hi nilu... I tried once with Undu flour, but the mixture didn't come as the way I want. So first use small quantity and try. If it's fine then you can make with large quantity.

  3. Hi Chamari.... thx for the reply. I made undu walalu and they came perfect.. i used 1 cup of rice flour with 2 cups of Undu flour and after make the batter I left it for 5 hours.They are absolutely gorgeous.. thanks a lot....

  4. hi..
    thanks a lot for the recipe. very well described. by the you know how to make "pani walalu" with out adding "udu"? will it be ok if i only add rice flour?

  5. Hi,
    I really enjoyed your pani Walalu which is my husband's favourite. I made it yesterday as a trial before the newyear. Thank you so much.

  6. Hi Nilu,
    Thanks for the comment. I´m glad that you made pani walalu and it came nicely. I also saw the photo on Facebook :-) I will try with the undu flour too :-). Will you make this sweet for the coming New Year?

    Hi Stasiya,
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    I really don´t know whether we can make pani walalu only with rice flour :-( But I know there is an Indian sweet call Jelabi which use wheat flour & yogurt to make the batter and dip it on the sugar syrup. It´s just like our pani walalu. You can find a recipe on internet, i haven’t tried it yet.

    Hi Kithmini,
    You are welcome! It’s really nice to hear you made this and it came nicely :-). When I read these comments, I feel really happy and also feel that I´m doing a service too :-). Usually I also doing a trial before the occasions or even before doing a video :-)

    Wish you all a very Happy New Year !

  7. Hi Chamari,
    You are doing a great work. Methods of making such traditional foods needs to be shared otherwise future generations may not get to taste them.
    Best wishes for a happy new year!


  8. Hi Chamari,

    Thank u Soooo much for upload this recipe. I made this to new year as per u're instructions & It was amazing. Even my husband didn't believe that I made pani walalu.
    I wish u & ure family very happy new year.

    thanks a lot.
    and also my name is chamari too ;-))

  9. Chamari,

    We love your show and thank you for the recipes and tips. It is hard to enjoy original Sri Lankan dishes here in the US on a regular basis and you make it easy for us to make it at home and still enjoy the tastes. Keep up the great work and please continue to post new dishes. I would like to see a Sri Lankan style fish curry if you get the chance. Thank you.

    Ray & Amanda

  10. we really like your recipes...and we can trust it well....can please post the aluwa recipe soon...i would really appreciate if you do so...thank you

  11. You all are welcome & also Thank you everyone for your comments, encouragement & also for the wishes. sorry for my late replies :-). I´ll try my best to fulfill your requests.

  12. thank u for ur recipes.i realy enjoy it,i make pani wallu,that was so nice.thank u thnk u very mch.have a nice time to u and ur family

  13. hi, great work .... its very helpful as you have posted the videos .... keep it up .... even i love cooking ... specially baking .... and for this new year i will make pani walalu .... its my favourite ....

  14. Hi Chamari Akka,

    First of all I like to thank you for the great work which you are doing.

    Pani walalu is one of my favorites. As I heard it is very hard to make. I wanted to make pani walalu for New Year this time & I search for a receipt on internet. That’s how I came here.

    Unfortunately My Mother & Elder sisters said it is very hard to make Pani walalau & they rejected my idea .

    But I thought of making it by myself as a surprise for My mother’s Birthday on May 18th ( I had enough time coz, it was vesak holidays & mother vent to observe Sill)

    I used Udud Piti & kept the batter until 5 hrs as Nilu said. It was totally out of shape on the first time but I learn that we have to move our hand vary fast in a circular path to get the right shape.

    I’m really very happy coz it was really very amazing! As the youngest of our family they all were surprised. (My elder’s sister’s husband also didn’t believe that I’m going to make pani walalu- he is a chef: D)

    We shared it with our neighbors they also said it was very delicious & they wanted more. (I made with 400g – Udu Piti & 200g Rice flour also I used Kithul Pani)

    Then I made it again on 28th night, coz my cousin sister wanted to eat my home ma made Pani walalu. (She is pregnant)

    Oh, I can’t express how I feel at that time when everyone says my pani walalu was great. Credit must go to you too Akke.

    Thank you very much once again!!

    Keep up the good work. & do you have the receipt of Wali Thalapa??

  15. Hi,
    @Both Anonymous: Thank you for your comments :-)

    @ගංඟාවේ ගීතය:
    You are welcome Nangi(I think you are younger that me :-). I´m really glad to see your comment.
    I have walithalapa recipe, I saw some people commented it´s wrong recipe, but it´s works for me, so if you like try it.But no video yet.
    BTW, I was a big fan of your blog, but recently I couldn´t visit there with my busy life :-(. It was a big surprise for me too, when I saw your name(ගංඟාවේ ගීතය)on my web site. I really like the way you write.keep it up.

  16. ive only gt 2 dys to make it....:( no time 4 a trial....hope it comes well....thnxx 4 da recipe

  17. OMG what is wrong with u people. this is not a english lesson. so what if treacle is not spelled correctly. as long as u know what it means.

  18. really very nice this blog and also I got this Pani walalu recipe from your blog and I am going to try it.

  19. hi chamari :)

    tx for the recipes. me and my mom going to make this today!! :) hope v ll hv best home made pani walalu :)

    tx a lot :)

  20. thanks for the recipe. it came out really well. please post konda kavum and athirasa recipe if you can with the video cause that would be a great help for us. thanks

  21. hi chamari this help me to make undu walalu n its yummy..
    tnx for your generocity n keep it up. good luck

  22. hi chamari,

    thank you very much for your recipes.keep it up and good luck.

  23. Hello chamari Akka,
    Is it like theenmurukku?

  24. TYVM Chamari for ur grt vid...i made dis for last new yr and it was a hit... tomorrow im gonna make dis again,as a sweet for alms giving,(daane), which gonna be held on dis Sunday...thank u so mch again.. :)


  25. Thank you so much Camari I have tried several of your recipies they all came out really well.. Thank u thank u so much . May you be happy and succeed in all you do.

  26. Hi
    I made this for the New Year and came out very well. I used undu flour and rice flour. Thank you sooo much!

  27. great. tnx a lot

  28. Really appreciate your job, It was very helpful. keep up the good work. all the best.

  29. hi thank you so much chamari i suppose? this is my first comment on a public site other than on fb + this is my 1st food of kavily type, i made my self, since this is my 1st new year after marriage. thanking to you dear i made it perfectly. instead of sugar syrup i used best quality treacle(kithul pani), and i added undu flour. at the beginning i couldn't have taken the smooth shape. then my grandmo tasted it and advised to add two AMBUL KESEL, to take the shape and sour taste. trust me, finally i happened to eat the best undu wal i ve ever been eat before. everyone who ate surprised. i sent few to my hubby's office and all the female ones got surprised as my hubby said. as i think that brilliant taste occurred due to that kesel and treacle. treacle had minimized the unbearable sweet taste. so when anyone eat only one they asked more even though they have diabetics. :)

  30. Hi There is a book called Peni wallalu... It's also sweet like real Peni wallalu.

    THANKS for the recipy looking forward to make it.

  31. Tnx guys, my husband is a sucker of uldu walalu....

  32. Tnx guys, my husband is a sucker of uldu walalu....

  33. Thanx for your recipe Chamari Akka


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