Prepare Wheat Flour for String Hoppers & Murukku

wheat flour – amount you want
3 news papers
1 oil paper or baking paper


Bring the water to boil and prepare the steamer.
Now take the news papers and place the wheat flour on the middle of the papers and
fold a side of the papers you wish. Then fold the opposite side. Fold the other two sides also.
Now take the oil paper and place the wheat flour package on the oil paper and fold it like earlier.
Place the flour package on the steamer and let it steam for nearly 1½ hours.
After steamed it, when you are opening the package, you’ll see a crack on the middle of the flour, and it says, “I’m well enough steamed”.
If you like, you can mash the flour while it’s hot OR let it cool, then break to pieces and grind it in a grinder. BUT remember before you use the steamed flour for String Hoppers & Murukk you have to sift it through a sieve.
You can keep it in an air tight container for nearly 2 - 3 weeks. (But I prefer to steam the flour on the same day or a day before it’s used.)

1. When you are folding the news papers, don’t keep spaces between sides. If you do, it can drop wheat flour from the package.
2. When you are placing the wheat flour package on the oil paper, remember to place the opening side as bottom part.
3. If you don’t get a crack on middle of the flour, don’t worry. But steam it for 1½ hours.
4. When you are placing the wheat flour package on the steamer, remember to place the opening side of the oil paper as bottom part.



  1. hi Chamari,
    You are doing good job and when I have time I try to watch also your cooking program. And when u do that I thinks u are not caring about some little things hygenic. Example of using newspapers for work and using hand sometimes ..etc.

    you dont have to use the newspapers direct because it contains chemicals like led and it is very bad for our body system.
    if u pay your attention for little things that also should be an advance point for your program. And you can teach others also to avoid those bad habitute.

    continue your good work!

    thank u.


  2. Hi! I agree the newspaper is probably not the best thing but I understand people have been using newspaper forever. just look at traditional fish and chips served in Great Britian. I am sure we get the idea though. As far as using hand, lets be honest most cooks do and we are sure Chamari washes hands before starting. With that said I would like to applaud you Chamari and hope you continue with more great recipes. Thanks. from Maureen

  3. Dear Chamari

    great work, and all the best! And let me share my experience with you in steaming wheat flour. I used a 100% cotton (white) bag,even gray cloth works and it is more natural I think I cut a rectangle and sew the three edges almost like a small cushion cover and washed and dried,then I filled the bag with wheat flour and tied the opening with a cloth stripe tightly . then I placed the bag in the steamer and steamed for 1 hour, better if you steam more than one hour, then you are in the safe side. and then again grind and sift . this really works and hygienic ,you could wash the bag and use it again.

    All the best wishes for this nice work


  4. my aunty using a cotton cloth for steam, its better than news paper, any way thanks for sharing

  5. Hi chamari,
    Is rice flour steamed in this way to make idiyappam (rice vermicelli)? I want to make rice vermicelli. Please help

  6. Thank you all. Now I also using a cloth to steam the flour :-).

    @ Anonymous: Here is the recipe for rice flour String hoppers (Indiappa). I guess this what you asked.

  7. Hello I steamed just like this but when i mixed the flour to make lawarya it become soggy after Steaming the lawaryas...The dough was correctly made..I wonder what went wrong.
    Thank you so much.


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