Chocolate Swiss Roll

For The Sponge Cake:
9 eggs, separated - room temperature
90g plain flour
5 tablespoons cocoa power
180g sugar + 4 tablespoons sugar extra - superfinex
3 teaspoons vanilla extract

Chocolate Butter-cream Icing:
250g butter – room temperature
250g icing sugar
6 tablespoons cocoa power
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 tablespoon milk - optional

Making The Sponge Cake:
Preheat the oven to 180°C and same time ready your baking tray with a greased parchment paper. (I used the baking tray which is inside the oven)
Sift the flour and cocoa power together for 3 times, keep it aside.
Beat the egg yolks for nearly 5 minutes and then add flour-cocoa mix, vanilla & sugar in three additions. Beat the mixture until it’s pale and thickened. Keep the mixture aside.
Then in another clean, dry bowl beat the egg whites until it firm peaks form. Should be like snow...
Now it’s time to mix the both mixtures together.
Fold the egg whites into egg yolks mixture and with a spoon or rubber spatula mix it into a one side, until the whole mixture is light chocolate colour.
Pour the mixture into the prepared baking tray, and bake it for 15 - 20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.
When the cake is baking in the oven, lay another parchments paper on the table and sprinkle the 4 tablespoons castor sugar on the paper.
After the baking time is over, take the cake from the oven and put it on the sugared paper. Carefully peel off the parchment paper which was in the baking tray.
Using the sugared baking paper, now lift the end of the cake & roll it while the cake is hot. (Paper should be inside the cake, just like an icing)
Cover it with the paper, and let it cool completely. (Nearly 1 1/2 - 2 hours.)

Making The Chocolate Butter-cream Icing:
Sift the icing sugar & cocoa power together for 3 times, keep it aside.
In a bowl beat the butter until it’s creamy, add the milk and beat it again.
Then little by little add icing sugar – cocoa mix and beat it until you get a creamy mixture.
Cover it and keep it aside.

Making the Swiss Roll:
Now take the cake, which is cooled completely. Carefully unroll the cake and spread the chocolate butter-cream icing on the cake evenly.
Now again carefully roll the cake neatly but tightly.
After you roll the cake, just cover it from sides, just like a toffee.
Refrigerate the cake for nearly 2 hours.
Then you can remove the parchment paper, and roll the Swiss Roll on a cling film.


For a tea party or for a get-together you can serve Swiss roll. Even for normal day, evening tea time.


1. If you get granulated sugar, just grind it in a grinder for few minutes, and you will get superfine/castor sugar. (I’m doing like that.)
2. When the egg whites are in peaks form, if you upside down the mixture it won’t fall.
3. Remember to scrape down the sides of the bowl often when you are beating.
4. Get the help of the parchment paper for the first turn, in second rolling.
5. Keep the Swiss roll in the refrigerator.



  1. wow! this sounds great... I had forgotten about the sweets and cake side of Sri Lankan cooking. When I was in Kandy there were sooooo many delicious cake shops, I just couldn't handle it.

    Thanks for the GREAT content, a valuable resource. Keep it coming!

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  3. Hi,

    It's great.... Keep it up

  4. Great site, sis. Keep it up. V are proud of you. Very good idea, to help out lost sri lankans, like myself, who don't know how to cook sri lankan food, being Srilankan.hahha. Keep up the good work.t.c. good day!:)

  5. hi chamari....please kindly let me know if there is a size for the thickness of the cake?
    thank you for sharing......

  6. First of all very sorry for my lateness. Thanks you everyone for the encouragement, the comments means a lot to myself :-)

    @ Anonymous: The thickness of my Swiss Roll (Cake sheet) was nearly 2cm. But after you roll the cake with icing it´s a large cake, and I always cut nearly 18 - 20 pieces from it. BUT the thickness is depend on the size of the baking tray you are using. All the very best with the recipe.

  7. thank you. i will try this.

  8. its verry usefull for me, thank you

  9. I'm a bit confused here :
    Now take the cake, which is cooled completely. Carefully unroll the cake and spread the chocolate butter-cream icing on the cake evenly.
    Now again carefully roll the cake neatly but tightly.
    After you roll the cake, just cover it from sides, just like a toffee. SO you mean i should fold while the parchment paper is in the cake again just like earlier when we folded the cake or just crap it outside. If it's the paper is in the cake how are you suppose to take it out once the cake is refrigerated, don't you have to unfold it again though. I'mr ally confused. Please help me because I'm looking forward in making this

  10. @Anonymous : When the cake is hot you have to roll the cake with the parchment paper. Then when the cake is completely cool, unroll the cake, spread the icing and roll the cake without the parchment paper. But you can get help with pushing the paper toward while rolling the cake.
    I told to cover the side like a toffee, when you finish rolling you have the parchment paper free, so cover the rolled cake with that parchment paper and seal the sides.

    Thank you all for the comments :-)

  11. Hi chamari,
    U havnt mention about Baking powder..Dont need to add Baking powder for Sponge Cake?
    Best regards

  12. Hi chamari,
    I just made a Chocolate Swiss Roll according to ur recipe..The cake came up nicely from the oven but when I unroll it to apply icing, top skin(that is touch with the sugared parchment paper) was attached to the parchment paper. now the finish of the swiss roll is not nice..can u give me an opinion to present this.
    thanks in advance

  13. @anonymous-March 14, 2011 4.55am
    "can u give me an opinion to present this" should be corrected as "can u give me an opinion to prevent this"

    sorry for the printing mistake

  14. @ Anonymous: I don´t use baking powder for swiss roll sponge cake :-).

    I guess you haven't put enough sugar on the surface, but now if you like you can some icing on the top and do some small decoration or sprinkle small amount of icing sugar of the top surface. I hope this can will help you :-).

    Thank you for visiting the site & glad you like it :-)

  15. Hi Chamari,

    I,m going to buy a tray for this. can you pls tell me what size tray is good to make chocolate sponge?

  16. Hi Chamari,

    I could never make potato toffee, it always comes out too soft after it cools.
    Do you have a good recipe? Please add it onto your site. You are a doing a great job!

  17. Hi Chamari,

    Can you upload a pictue of Swisse Roll please

  18. Thanks for sharing the easy step by step method. But I think a beginner may struggle to roll the cake without breaking it. Anyway, thanks a lot Sri Lanka Cooking.


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