Kiri Bath (Milk Rice)

2 cups rice
1½ - 2 cups thick coconut milk
4 - 4½ cups water
Salt – to taste

Wash the rice and place it in a medium saucepan with water & salt. Bring it to boil in medium heat. Cover the saucepan and cook till the rice is soft and the water is absorbed.
Do not burn the rice.
Mix little salt with coconut milk and stir it. When the rice is ready reduce the heat to low and pour the coconut milk into the rice and Mix it well. Simmer the rice and coconut milk mixer till the coconut milk is absorbed and the rice is very soft and creamy.
Taste for salt.
Off the heat, and let it cool for 5mintues.
Transfer the mixer to a wide shallow dish and flatten down with flat spoon, spatula or with a piece of oil paper. Draw lines on top surface according to the shape (diamond or square) you want and let it cool another 5- 10 minutes, cut it into pieces.

Best is Seeni Sambool, Lunu Miris, Katta Sambool, Fish curry or your favorite meat curry. Also you can have milk rice with banana, sugar or juggery.

1. The amount of water and coconut milk is depend on the kind of rice you use.
2. If you can't find coconut milk, of course you can use normal milk.
3. When you finish flatten down the milk rice on the serving dish, just apply little coconut milk on the top surface. So then the top surface won’t get dry and also it’s bringing you a good taste too.



  1. hi chamari...

    i don't know how to thank you madam, i got a clear picture as to how da real process works, as to last year i got it screwd big time

    im still not sure abt da rice cooker, where i prefer da way u did, and also i got two more questions as to wats da rice u took and iz Basmathie an ok rice for da tinggy, and also is ti ok if i take those 'em coconut milk in tins or 'magie' coconut powder...

    magie powder iz like 1.50 pounds in money
    where as da tins are like 1.90 or more per tin, if im to buy tins, bloddy hell how many i got to purchase ???

    chamari wats da best to use end of da day ....
    da tins or da powder ? so its yr cal ....

    coz i don't wanna screw diz time again aswel

    chamari thanx alot and yr program do help 'em native ametures who are new to cook'n



  2. Thank you. A word of advise- please polish your language skills as non Sri Lankans find it confusing. I guess you mentioned 'level' when it should be 'consistency' etc. A Sri Lankan buddy showed me a much shorter process with Basmathi rice and a slice of ginger and it was sooo good!

  3. Language does not really matter...Thanks for sharing the recipe. Really appreciate it...

  4. can i please know how to make katta sambool.

  5. you are great. proud of you Chamari.

  6. Ayubowan Chamari,

    First of all, brilliant job! Thanks for sharing your cooking experience with fellow Sri Lankans. I have been searching for a way to learn to make kiribath.

    One point though, you might want to think about updating your website & making it easier for people to search for recipes. Maybe i can help you with that. Mail me:

  7. Hi Chamari , Thank you so much for sharing your lovely recipes. I have tried out many and they have come out really delicious .. Thanks once again Chamari!!!
    Can you show How to prepare a Srilankan Fish curry (Spicy) with Thalapath or Mora fish. Please teach us. Good Luck ! and "ALL THE BEST FOR 2012!"

  8. Do you use a special rice? Yours looks much stickier than the rice I am use to. Uncle bens white rice. Need to make for school project. Thank you

  9. This is a great site and contains fantastic contents. Thanks for sharing this to us.

  10. Thanks Chamari I'm off to try your receipy

  11. Thank you very much Chamari for sharing this with us.
    You have listed and explained all the stuff very clearly.
    Now I am trying to prepare Milk rice.

  12. Going to be our New Year's Day dinner.... thank you!

  13. Thank you chamari i went thru a lot of recipies and this was the one that came out the creamiest.

  14. Why not clean your stove before going online ????

  15. Hi Chamari, I believe Kiri Bath is also an auspicious dish on special occasions like festivals and wedding breakfast etc.

  16. here at my home we are 6 people so how many rise, water and milk i have to use?

  17. Excellent! But it must be said that it is not simple.... For every-day food I use a little bit another recipe for faster cooking in Redmond 4500 multicooker, because the grill there is very fast. Also I do it with brown rice - it is much healthy in my opinion.

  18. Thanks for helpful lesson ... I will cook this soon !!

  19. A word of advise- please polish your language skills as non Sri Lankans find it confusing. I guess you mentioned 'level' when it should be 'consistency' (?????- "consisistency which is different to level!. Checkh Basmati
    Sounds like the blind leading the blind !
    All the best.

  20. Plis talk gud spilling no anderstand .


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