Katta Sambola (Mix of Chili & Maldive Fish)

4 tablespoons Maldive fish
2 tablespoons red dry chili pieces
1 teaspoon chili powder (optional)
2 tablespoons lime juice
salt – to taste

Firstly ground salt, chili pieces and chili powder in a mortar and pestle (Wangediya) .Then add maldive fish into the mortar and pestle and chop it till it is small pieces.(Same time mix it nicely with the salt mixer.) When you feel all the ingredients are nicely chopped & mixed together, takeout the mixer in to a bowl and add lime juice. Again mix it well & taste for salt.


You can have this with milk rice, rice, roti(Naan), hoppers, and string hoppers too.

If you can’t find maldive fish, you can use dry prawns or shrimp also.



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    1. Dear friends, this katta sambola is my hubby's favourite food.For the past 30 years of our marriage,This is one of our home staple food.iIf you can add chopped onions to this sambol it will taste superb. try it n see n you will thank me haha..

    2. The above post is me,Ruby.

  2. But isn't katta sambol supposed to be fried in oil? I remember my mum frying it with lots of chilli, & she also added a touch of vinegar, it was a classic rice-pullar as we called it in the old country.(SL) cheers


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