Karavila Sambola (Bitter Gourd Sambol)

2 cups bitter gourd pieces - deep fried
1 medium tomato - cut into small pieces
1 medium onion – sliced
2 – 3 tablespoons Maldive fish - optional
3 – 4 green chilies - optional (I couldn´t fine it :-(
4 – 5 tablespoons lime juice OR ½ lime
1 teaspoon black pepper powder
salt to taste

In a medium size bowl place all the ingredients except tomatoes.
Mix it well till everything cooperates with each of the ingredient.
Now add tomatoes and give a quick mix.
Now taste for salt and decorate with anything you like. (I used some more tomatoes)

You can have bitter gourd sambol with any kind of rice specially.

1. I deep fried the dry bitter gourd pieces. But if you can find fresh bitter gourd, cut it into circles (with the seeds) and wash it with salty water. Drain the water, add some salt & turmeric (optional) mix well, and deep fry it till you get nice gold brown.
2. If you like you can add (or decorate with) salad leaves also.



  1. Great site and great videos.I have posted your Youtube Videos in my website Chamari (if it is ok).Excellent work.Very impressed

  2. Thanks for the excellent video. I bought some karavila at the Indian store and made this. It was very interesting, I have never tasted a vegetable like this before. By itself, the sambol's bitter aftertaste is not that pleasant... but if I mix it on some rice with lentils, seni sambol or conconut sambol... as a complex flavor combination... it tastes good.

  3. make no mistake, bitter gourd is VERY BITTER... not slightly bitter or some non-descriptive term. The salt, spice and lime juice... along with the frying... seem to tone the bitterness to a manageable level.

  4. Excellent video, planning on making this for new years. If you are in the UK and need fresh bitter gourd, try Pakistani and Indian stores. I know specifically Pak store sells them.

  5. Yep Brett
    Bitter Gourd IS *very* *very* bitter !!
    But its good for Diabetics. Ayurveda has known it for more than t2 thousand years and now in Germany where I live my husband has been prescribed Karawila (Mormodica) tablets by his German Diabetic specialist.
    So enjoy the goodness.
    Acids tone down the bitterness. Chamari has the tomatoes very correctly.


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